Bottom view of Skyfront Perimeter drone near mountains and farm


Back in 2013, simple mapping and surveying missions required operators to perform multiple flights over multiple days because of the limited endurance of drones. Operators had to constantly transport, charge, and swap out batteries, often in remote areas that are difficult to access. It often made more economic sense to use a manned aircraft instead of a drone.

In 2014, we founded Skyfront to solve the flight time limitation and unlock the true economic potential of unmanned aerial vehicles. Service providers demanded a system that:

  • Had the same range, endurance and function as a manned helicopter
  • Reduced the cost of aerial data by 10X
  • And maintained similar safety standards as in manned aviation

We conducted months of research and arrived at hybrid-electric propulsion as the foundation for such a system.


After many iterations and tens of thousands of hours of research and development, the Perimeter was forged. It holds the unofficial world record for endurance among commercially available multirotors. Off the shelf, it can fly for 5 hours and carry up to 4 kilograms of payload, all while maintaining the same simplicity and ease of use that made the multirotor popular in the first place.

With the Perimeter, missions that used to take days can now be performed in a single flight, enabling entire industries to scale their drone operations with ease.

View of Perimeter drone flying near pilots



Troy Mestler, Chief Executive Officer
Robert Finocchio, Board Member
Micah Siegel, Advisor