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  • How does the Perimeter 8 get such long flight times?

    The Perimeter 8 is powered by an internal combustion two stroke engine that spins a generator. The high energy density of gasoline and the weight and efficiency of the Perimeter 8 design lead to long flight times.

  • Is the Perimeter 8 powered by gasoline/petrol?

    Yes, there is a two stroke internal combustion engine which supplies power to the drone’s electric motors.

  • What is a hybrid drone?

    A hybrid drone is a multirotor drone that is powered by a hybrid-electric power source. This hybrid-electric power source converts gasoline/petrol into electricity, which is then distributed to the propellers in motors. The drone can fly for much longer than a battery powered drone because gasoline has a much higher energy density than that of batteries.

  • How much does the Perimeter 8 cost?

    Prices start at $44,900

  • Which cameras does the Perimeter 8 come with?

    Available cameras are shown in the Payloads section.