Skyfront Perimeter 8 ready-to-fly with ground control station.
The easiest, safest and longest endurance hybrid multirotor on the market

The Perimeter 8 UAV features an impressive 12 lb. / 5.5 kg payload capacity with 1 hour of endurance and a no-payload endurance of over 5 hours. The Perimeter 8 is just as easy to operate as the Perimeter 4, but has full propeller, motor, and ESC redundancy. This redundancy in addition to electronic fuel injection and a 5 minute battery backup reserve flight time ensures the safety of high-value payloads.

5+ Hours

Flight Endurance

12 lb (5.5 kg) @ 1 hour

Payload Capacity

100 km / 60 miles*

Video and Control Range

< 5 minutes

Setup time

*Available only on certain sub-models.

Maximum Speed 36 mph (57 km/hr)
Cruise Ground Speed 22 mph (35 km/hr)
Maximum Endurance * 5+ hours without payload
2.5+ hours with 6.5 lb. (3 kg) payload
1+ hour with 11 lb. (5 kg) payload
Maximum Expected Range
(at cruise speed)
No Payload – 110 miles (177 km)
Maximum Tested Wind Speeds 25 mph (35 km/hr)
Maximum Payload Capacity 12 lb.+ (5.5 kg) payload with 2.2 lb (1 kg) fuel (1 hour).
Minimum Expected Temperature 15°F (-10°C)
Maximum Expected Temperature 122°F (50°C)
Tip-to-Tip length Arms removed: 2 feet x 2.66 feet (0.6 m x 0.81 m)
Ready to fly: 6.5 feet x 6.25 feet (2 m x 1.9 m)
Minimum Height 14.5” (0.37 m)
Height Customizable to fit payload
Maximum Takeoff Weight 42 lb (19 kg)
Controls and Communication
Radio Frequency Configurable. Contact us.
Maximum Expected Telemetry
6.2 miles (10 km)
Flight Modes Manual through remote controller
– Stabilize
– Altitude (barometer- and GPS-based)
– Position (GPS-based)
GPS-based waypoint autonomy
– Survey
– Waypoint navigation and payload control
Automatic land and takeoff
Radio Telemetry Link Encryption AES128 by default. Up to AES256.
Electronics, software and firmware
Autopilot Firmware Janus Autopilot™. Proprietary. PX4-based.
Engine Control Firmware and
Autopilot Electronics Proprietary. Pixhawk-based. Hardened and protected
Ground Control Station
Ground Control Software Janus Ground Control Station™ (jGCS). Proprietary.
QGroundControl-based with engine telemetry and control.
Power System
System Windows 10 Laptop
Fuel Delivery G2K proprietary hybrid gasoline-electric propulsion system
Ground Control Hardware Electronic Fuel Injection
Electrical Conversion Efficiency > 95%
Battery Flight Time 5 minutes maximum at 42 lb (19 kg) takeoff weight.
(can increase by request)
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Gasoline/Petrol Type 91 Octane or above

* Flight times were measured at MSL 0’ in 50-75°F temperatures. Actual flight times depend on temperature, altitude,
wind and other environmental conditions.

** Tested operating conditions. Actual range may be greater.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Engine Autostart Engine is automatically started and stopped. No pull starts or cumbersome drill starter motors.
Quick Deployment The Perimeter can be unboxed, assembled and flown in less than 5 minutes.
Modular Payload Bay The Perimeter is designed to accommodate payloads more than 11 lb. (5 kg) with form factors ranging from LiDAR units, visual and thermal cameras and more.
Seamless Engine Integration Engine operation is fully automated, from start to finish. Just refuel and fly like a regular multirotor.
Full Engine Telemetry and Control Engine health information is made available on the ground station. The engine can be started and stopped through the ground station.
Extremely Lightweight The Perimeter is 20% lighter than any hybrid-electric multirotor on the market today.
Visible Fuel Levels Visible fuel tanks provide quick fuel readings.
Digital Fuel Level Indicator Fuel levels are visible on the ground station.

Highly Reliable and Easy to Operate Engine Electronic fuel injection eliminates the burden of tuning the UAV for different altitudes.
Extreme Endurance and Range Proprietary hybrid power system enables the Perimeter to fly for 5 hours or up to 110 miles.
Cold Temperature Operation The Perimeter’s hybrid power system can operate in freezing conditions as low as 15°F (-10°C).
Highly Efficient Power Conversion > 95% shaft-to-electric conversion efficiency.
Aerodynamic Profile Engine and fuel system are integrated into the body of the vehicle, reducing aerodynamic drag
Optional GNSS Upgrades Professional GNSS module with multipath rejection and interference protection to reduce flyaways. No hobby-grade GNSS components.
Engine Vibration Dampening Vibrations from engine are dampened to preserve sensor data quality.

Total Power Redundancy Fully redundant power system. Can operate on battery power in case of engine failure.
Total Propeller Redundancy Vehicle can fly on 7 rotors in case of a single rotor failure.
Battery Protection G2K™ power system algorithms protect battery from charging
Generator Monitoring Engine health constantly monitored. Operator alerted to anomalies.
High Reliability and Safety Fuel injected engine ensures the engine runs reliably. Smart power
management system protects battery from overcharging, extends
battery life, and ensures safe operation in case of an engine failure.
Engine Wear Protection Engine operated continuously at less than 70% of maximum power.
Competitors operate at full throttle.
Long Battery Reserve Longer battery-only reserve flight time than other competing hybrid
Made in the United States All software/firmware is based on open-source and compiled in
house, within the United States.
Encryption Optional AES256 (or 128) encryption for data links

Skyfront Perimeter 8 disassembled with ground control station and case open.
Perimeter 8 assembled side view
Patent Markings
  • Flight controller for a series-hybrid multirotor aircraft – March 25, 2015 – Provisional application No. 62/137 ,915
  • Flight controller with generator control – December 4, 2018 – 10, 144, 527
  • Flight controller with generator control – February 21, 2019 – 2019 / 0055029