The Tailwind

hybrid gasoline-electric quadrotor


Mission Capable

The Tailwind is a long endurance drone platform that can fly for up to 5 hours, 10X longer than most battery-powered drones on the market today. With extended range, endurance, and vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capability, it is the ideal tool for commercial drone service providers.


Endurance is important, but safety is paramount. The Tailwind comes with a buffer/boost battery pack that also provides redundancy in case of engine failure.


It is designed for easy customization, including a modular payload bay and operating system for running custom data acquisition and path planning software.

Technical Specifications*

  • Fuel Source
    Gasoline / Petrol
  • Max Flight Time
    5 hrs
    no payload
  • Max Flight Time
    3.5 hrs
    1 kg payload
  • Max Takeoff Weight
    12 kg
  • Maximum Velocity
    56 km/h
  • Max Range
    250 km
    no payload, no wind
  • Max Payload
    3 kg
    can be increased on request. Contact us.
  • Operating Temperatures
    0C to 40C
    may work in other temperatures
  • Tested Altitudes
    0-100 m AMSL
    can work at other altitudes. Contact us.
  • Backup Battery Flight Time
    5 min

Request Quote

Email us at [email protected] and provide

  • your company email address
  • your location
  • and a brief description of your application.

*Quoted flight times and other specs are variable and depend on environmental conditions (altitude, temperature, wind, etc.), payload and how the quadcopter is flown. For more information on performance, please contact us.