Quickly search 1,000 acres with The Skyfront Perimeter™ Hybrid-Electric UAV.

When searching for a missing person, time is of the essence. Operators often need to quickly search thousands of acres of land in extremely rugged terrain. Below are some of the key features that make the Skyfront Perimeter the ideal drone for SAR missions:

  • Extremely long flight times. The Perimeter’s can fly between 3-4 hours with common SAR payloads. When a lost hiker is found, the Perimeter can hover directly above the subject for hours to provide critical information to first responders.
  • Wide area coverage. The Perimeter can search a thousand acres in a single flight.
  • Rapid deployment. Set up and plan a thousand acre search in less than 5 minutes.
  • Easy to fly. The Perimeter multirotor drone can hover on demand, in contrast to fixed-wing UAVs. This capability makes the Perimeter the ideal choice for search and rescue missions in rugged terrain with trees and mountains.
  • Cold weather operation. The Perimeter’s G2K gas-electric hybrid propulsion system allows the Perimeter to fly in cold weather down to -10C and possibly lower. No more worrying about batteries giving out.
  • Rain resistant. A weather resistant canopy allows operators to fly in light rain without worry.
  • Wide payload selection. Skyfront’s large payload capacity allows it to carry the many different types of cameras and sensors available for search and rescue missions.

Amazing Search Abilities

The best thing about Skyfront drones is their ability to carry many different payloads and still fly for long periods of time. Skyfront drones can carry heavy, high-end cameras that provide greater zoom and contrast in low light conditions as well as the lighter, more economical cameras to meet your budget. Here are some of the types of cameras we can carry:

  • Up to 36X continuous zoom cameras.
  • Perform wide zoomed-out camera sweeps for quick assessment and then zoom in on regions of interest.
  • View people and objects up to 3 km / 2 miles away
  • 4K Low-light visual Cameras
  • Mid-wave Infrared Cameras for high contrast images even during the daytime.
  • Long-wave Infrared cameras with continuous zoom.
  • Combinations of infrared, visual and low-light cameras.
Skyfront Use Cases
  • Emergency communications relay
  • Monitoring of wildfires
  • Searches for lost hikers and swimmers
  • Searches for fugitives
  • Damage surveys after disasters

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