Hybrid drones for long range surveillance

Extreme endurance and communications for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions.

The long endurance Skyfront Perimeter 8 hybrid drone is equipped with long-range communications for missions up to 100 km away from the operator.

Advantages and Benefits

Designed to provide rapid, cost-effective intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

Equipped with high-zoom ISR gimbals

Operates in GPS jammed areas

Long communications range: 8 km to 100 km

Small logistics footprint: Fits in a car

ITAR free

Easy operation: Single person operation

Rapid setup time: 5-10 minutes

Cost-Effective: 1/10th of the price of other ISR drones

Surveillance with Synthetic Aperture RADAR

Surveillance payloads.

ISR use cases.

A versatile platform that can be adapted for many uses in many locations.

Convoy security

Base security

Anti-piracy Operations

Artillery spotting

Border security

Signals Intelligence


The Perimeter 8 hybrid drone carrying various surveillance payloads.

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